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Family History

Serving others has always been a part of Garrett Horn and was ingrained in him at a young age. Growing up in South Dakota, Garret was brought up in rural western South Dakota by his parents, Karen and Rod Horn, who instilled in him the value of always putting others first. A value which he never strayed from as Mr. Horn would eventually move on to build his life on the cornerstone of service. Graduating from the University of South Dakota in 2002 with a bachelors in history and criminal justice and a juris doctorate, Garrett moved to Yankton worked with two local law firms before deciding to open is how practice in 2006, focusing primarily on personal injury, worker’s compensation, and criminal law. Since then, Garrett has successfully setting numerous cases as he worked to refine and develop his skills as an attorney. As a family man, Garrett, father of four likes to spend his time with his kids. He has two boys still living in the house and two girls now out of the house. He has long been passionate about basketball and has been involved with coaching his kids and assistant coaching at Mount Marty. On his occasional get-away, Garrett likes to retreat back to the rural country side to hunt, visit friends, and enjoy the peace and quiet of West River. Working for both local and state-wide clients, Mr. Horn is licensed to practice in South Dakota, the U.S District Court of South Dakota, the Federal District Court, the Federal Court of Appeals, The United States Court of Federal Claims, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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